Working Together

Working Together
CFUW North Vancouver and CFUW West Vancouver  are independent of each other but we often work together on community outreach projects and in various interest groups.

Our Common Goals

To arouse and sustain among members an intellectual interest in cultural, social and political fields; to encourage an active participation in such affairs by qualified women; and to provide opportunities for effectual concerned action.

To assist in developing a sound concept of educational values and in maintaining high standards of public education; to encourage further study and research; and to award scholarships and bursaries.

To foster a sense of responsibility and encourage university women to place their education and professional training at the service of the community in local, national and international fields; and at the same time, to safeguard and improve the economic, legal and professional status of Canadian women.

To stimulate active interest among members in the specific work of university women, nationally and internationally, through participation in the activities of CFUW and GWI, irrespective of race, religion or political opinion.