NV Programme 2021-2022

North Vancouver CFUW Programs 2021-2022

August: Picnic at Whytecliffe Park

Thanks for good weather and organizer Leanne Roy

September 9,  2021:   Completed Luncheon, Social Beginning to the YearNorthlands Golf CourseOctober  14,  7:00 pm

30 members enjoyed the Opening Luncheon at Northlands Golf Course in North Vancouver. Patricia Atkinson, guest speaker, overviewed the National, Provincial and local work of the women in North Vancouver. 

October Meeting: October 14, 2021

Dr . Frederick Voon: How  to be successful in the Hospital Emergency DepartmentHis new book will be available for members at a reduced rate Emergency Medicine Physician at Island Health – Vancouver Island Health AuthorityVictoria, British ColumbiaAuthor of “Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department–And How to Prevent Having to Go!” How to stay out of the Emergency Department—and what to do if you end up there. 
This is a reference that belongs in every household and every waiting room. A non-fiction for the general public, this book helps you learn what to expect if you or a loved one suddenly becomes one of the 15 million visitors to the ED in Canada every year. This handy reference guide will be available for sale to all members. Zoom access provided

November 4, 7:00 pmHow can we make a difference to  protect women against violence? 
Michelle NovakowskiDebbie HamiltonZoom December   9, 7:00 pm Night Inside the Theatre: Mitchell MackaySome light hearted fun and a look at what happens behind stage in the Theatre. In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID) January  13, 7:00 pm Pharmacare that Works 

 Dr. Steve Morgan is Canada’s leading expert on pharmacare systems. His research has sparked national debate about how universal pharmacare can provide all Canadians with access to appropriately prescribed, affordably priced, and equitably financed prescription drugs.Zoom Access onlyFebruary 10, 7:00 pm Susan Soloman: Seniors and Housing Susan Soloman, MSWSupervisor, Senior Housing programHollyburn Family ServicesSusan will give us some insight into local Senior Housing Issues and concerns.  Zoom  March  10, 7:00 pm National and Provincial Resolutions. In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID) April  14, 10:00-12:00 amNorth Vancouver Museum see https://monova.ca/  for an overview Meet at the Museum A  tour and overview of the Programs at our new Museum.  May  12, 7:00 pm  The Environment In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID) June  9, 6:00 pmAnnual Dinner Celebration ,Programs   Gardens in Our Community My Parents: The Italian Gardener and the Canadian ArtistPresenter:  Nora Gambioli, West Vancouver Venue TBA