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CFUW West Vancouver meets the 3rd Monday of the month from September to May.
Meetings begin at 7:00 pm.

Currently, meetings are held on Zoom – to register for meeting email cfuw.westvan@gmail.com.

Prospective members and guests always welcome.

Programme for 2020-21

This year and into next we are working to inform you about resilience during the pandemic and also to bring joy, new skills, and the arts into your lives. Here’s what we have planned for you:

Thursday, 17 September – Zoom Training for your attendance at upcoming presentations until in-person gatherings are possible.

Monday, 21 September – Kick Off, Awards and Interest group signup.

Monday, 19 October – Artificial intelligence (AI) with Anton Venema. Anton Venema is a communications expert with a specialty in AI systems. AI industries are growing at exponential rates and we are just starting to dip our toes into the water. Keep up with the latest and most challenging technology!

Monday, 16 November – “Startle and Illuminate” – Anne Giardini, past Chancellor of Simon Fraser University, will talk about her book “Startle and Illuminate,” on reflections about Pulitzer Prize winning author Carol Shields, including the most fundamental questions of writing and life, such as why do we write at all, can writing be taught, and what keeps a reader turning the pages.

Monday, 14 December – Christmas holiday celebration.

Monday, 18 January – Pharmaceuticals in the COVID era – Our first program of the New Year will feature an overview of the pharmaceutical industry by Ian McBeath, the CEO of Alpha-9 Theranostics and a West Vancouver resident. He will highlight the drug industry from the ‘50s to the present with emphasis on bio-pharmaceuticals in the era of COVID.

Tuesday, 16 February – Nepal – One Day at a Time –We have a virtual adventure in store with a talk by Patti Lefkos about her Nepal Trekking adventures. Her book, “Nepal – One Day at a Time,” was her nonfiction debut. She was part of the “San Francisco Chronicle’s” team that received the Lowell Thomas Award for the best newspaper section in 2014. Her quest has been to teach, trek, and build a school in the Himalayas.

Tuesday, 15 March – Resolutions Meeting

Monday, 19 April – Role of the Concertmaster – From Nepal to orchestral concerts, we will hear from Angela Cavadas, a concert master who makes the magic behind the scenes. A concert master prepares bowings for the music that is to be performed and then coordinates these bowings with other sections of the orchestra for the exact style and execution. The goal is a cohesive, extraordinary ensemble with the conductor and all elements of the orchestra. We’ll show you how it’s done!

Monday, 17 May – AGM. Our speaker will be Bertha Clark, a woman who is spiritual, soulful, and rooted in British Columbia history. Bertha is a wonderful way to end the year with what we can only hope will be a wonderful dinner at the West Vancouver Yacht Club.

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