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Before September 2021

Stream Keeper on the North Shore

North Vancouver CFUW International Studies Interest Group

The photo below of the joint North-West Van International Studies interest group is at our December dinner, this time at the Cheshire Cheese Inn in North Vancouver to mark the Brexit issue.

Ever since the public directive to cancel meetings on March 12, group members have been sharing numerous articles online, many from publications like the Atlantic and Foreign Affairs, and sometimes accompanied by or eliciting members’ comments.

Munch and Meander Group visit the North Vancouver Museum and Archives

On Friday January 17 we re-discovered a North Vancouver cultural gem.

The Past, Present and Future of North Vancouver

We booked a tour to view archives and had a presentation on how North Shore Women contributed to the Second World War.

We saw a rich history

We saw a rich history of North Vancouver in the World War II era though artifacts, pictures, stories and transcripts of interviews that demonstrated the impact the war had on women.

We were impressed by the staff and their expertise

Jessica Bushey, Chief Archivist, Daien Ide, Reference Historian, and Sam Frederick, YCW-BCH Intern prepared an extensive, well-paced program that gave participants time to read, chat with each other and time to ask questions of our expert hosts.  One member reported, “The staff is very informed and enthusiastic about the Museum and Archives. This motivated our group with a desire to see and learn more.”

 We were surprised

We were surprised by volume of materials that are stored in the archives for our community.  More than just the numbers and diversity of the archives, it was interesting to hear and see how the materials are used by such a variety of individuals and organizations to inform present day work.  “Another member remarked “The trip to the North Vancouver Archives was an enlightening event for me. Touring the storage areas was most impressive – seeing where our history is so carefully housed and ready to be used by any resident or organization that needs or wants information was impressive.”

We were inspired

A member remarked, “It’s a fantastic community resource with welcoming and engaging staff. I liked learning about how and why materials are stored in a particular way and how ready the archivists are to help with questions.” 

We came away with rich conversations

We saw the far reaching effects of a community service that has influenced a wide range of individuals and organizations and at the same time has deep personal meaning for each of us Imagine being able to see, read and hold the handwritten minutes of the first meeting our of CFUW North Vancouver that took place 40 years ago!

CFUW North Vancouver Original Minutes 1980. Hand written in beautiful script.



A wonderful way to spend a rainy January evening in North Vancouver

CFUW North Van’s January guest speaker, Andrew Fowler, with his colleague, Sheena Cunningham,and Program Committee liaison Marie Brazier at the club’s general meeting on January 9. Andrew, a franchise partner with Expedia CruiseShip Centers, enlivened another rainy January evening with helpful tips on travel and cruising. 

President Barbara MacLennan leads the North Vancouver CFUW Club in celebrating 100 years of work.

Arva’s 100th Birthday


Interest Groups – 2017


Panel advancing Rights of Children and Youth in Society