CFUW North Vancouver


This CFUW local  club provides opportunities for members to put their education at the service of the community, advocate for women, children and families, complete worthwhile projects, and gather to pursue common interest.

Our members are active in the community with projects involve local, provincial, national and  global issues.   We participate in community outreach initiatives and many of our interest groups consider community issues. Each year we suggest and/or review resolutions which will be put forward to appropriate provincial and national governments.

Our club also provides opportunities to form contact and friendships around our smaller interest groups. These groups along with the Program Committee’s work to  engage speakers on a monthly basis allow for continuing intellectual growth and stimulation  through conversation and dialogue among members.

Local Projects

CFUW North Vancouver, collecting good used household goods and furniture, is a community outreach participant in the Highlands United Church Shelter to Home Outreach rehousing the homeless program which always needs more help from the community. Other initiatives and community projects include work  over the year with local programs that include North Shore Community Resources and Hollyburn Family Services.   In addition  members of the NV CFUW Advocacy Committee will focus on  the following social and education issues provincially and how these issues affect our local community. This list includes:

  • Early Learning and Childcare
  • Long Term Care and Elder Rights
  • Indigenous People’s Rights
  • Current Issues in Public Education
  • Climate Change
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Pay Equity


Prospective members and guests welcome at meetings (occasional exceptions will be noted in programme notes). For further information email: 

North Vancouver CFUW 2020

September 9,  2021:  

Luncheon, Social Beginning to the Year
Northlands Golf Course
October  14,  7:00 pm

30 members enjoyed the Opening Luncheon at Northlands Golf Course in North Vancouver. Patricia Atkinson, guest speaker, overviewed the National, Provincial and local work of the women in North Vancouver. 

October Meeting: October 14, 2021

Dr . Frederick Voon: How  to be successful in the Hospital Emergency Department

His new book will be available for members at a reduced rate
Emergency Medicine Physician at Island Health – Vancouver Island Health Authority
Victoria, British Columbia
Author of “Your Inside Guide to the Emergency Department–And How to Prevent Having to Go!” How to stay out of the Emergency Department—and what to do if you end up there. 
This is a reference that belongs in every household and every waiting room. A non-fiction for the general public, this book helps you learn what to expect if you or a loved one suddenly becomes one of the 15 million visitors to the ED in Canada every year.
This handy reference guide will be available for sale to all members.
Zoom access provided
November 4, 7:00 pm
December   9, 7:00 pm 
Night Inside the Theatre: Mitchell Mackay
Some light hearted fun and a look at what happens behind stage in the Theatre. 
In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID)
January  13, 7:00 pm 
Pharmacare that Works 

 Dr. Steve Morgan is Canada’s leading expert on pharmacare systems. His research has sparked national debate about how universal pharmacare can provide all Canadians with access to appropriately prescribed, affordably priced, and equitably financed prescription drugs.Zoom Access only

February 10, 7:00 pm 
Susan Soloman: Seniors and Housing 
Susan Soloman, MSW
Supervisor, Senior Housing program
Hollyburn Family Services
Susan will give us some insight into local Senior Housing Issues and concerns.  
March  10, 7:00 pm 
National and Provincial Resolutions. 
In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID)
April  14, 10:00-12:00 am
North Vancouver Museum 
see  for an overview 
Meet at the Museum
A  tour and overview of the Programs at our new Museum. 
May  12, 7:00 pm 
 The Environment 
In person/Zoom ( TBA re COVID)
June  9, 6:00 pm 
Annual Dinner Celebration ,
Programs   Gardens in Our Community 
My Parents: The Italian Gardener and the Canadian Artist
Presenter:  Nora Gambioli, West Vancouver
Venue TBA







Current Program



Meeting Calendar:  The Year at a Glance

COVID has changed our meeting schedules and programs

Program September to  December are presently  in place 


All meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the months listed: Details and venues will be announced monthly.  Meetings until further notice will be virtual 

September October November 2020
Speaker and Business Meeting
Steam Keepers October 7 (Outdoor Excursion)
Indigenous Peoples Study for information
Gary Little: To Hell and Beyond
December 2020
No speaker/ no business meeting.
Christmas Event  SOCIAL 
Happy New Year
Speaker and Business Meeting
Cheryl Alexander Author
TBA7:00 pm Social

7: 30 pm to 9:30  
February 2021
Speaker and Business Meeting
TBA 7:00 pm Social 7:30 pm to 9:30    
March 2021
Resolutions discussion and motions
TBA 7:00 pm  -9:00  Social and 
April /May 2021
  Speaker and Business Yearly  AGM is in May business meeting 
  TBA  Social 7:00 pm Meeting 7:30 pm to 9:0

Year End Dinner: TB




PAST PROGRAMS     NV CFUW Programs  September to December 2020 


Fall : North Shore Stream Keepers-Wednesday, October 7, 2020 ( completed) 

An outdoor, interesting and informative tour with members of the North Shore Stream Keepers (NSSK) Society took place on October 7. Starting in Bridgeman Park, we had an opportunity to visit a once polluted stream that this group has been successful in restoring. Fish have now returned. The group has done significant restoration along Mosquito Creek in collaboration with the Squamish Nation, City of North Vancouver and others. The tour was attended by 19 people, properly distanced, as we toured the off- channel habitat of Keith Creek, Bridgman Park and 2 projects in the estuary. The positive feedback from the group included appreciate that in a time when the new construction of the Lynn Creek Interchange took place, conservation of the water and land was taken care of at the same time. Thanks and congratulations to our local Steam Keepers group.



October:  A Webinar: Building Knowledge and Understanding of Indigenous People

Based on a University of Alberta course  along with  further research and study by the CFUW National Sub- Committee on Indigenous Peoples  on  this webinar that will give members historical information through variety of perspectives and resources.

Session 1:  October 8,   2:00 pm -3:30 pm

  • Historical Information 1600-1960, 1970 -2020 and beyond 
  • The Building and Non-building of relationships
  • Education around language that makes a difference
  • Roots of and ways to build authentic Land Acknowledgement

Session 2: October 15, 2:00 pm -3:30 pm 

Resources for backgroundWhat can CFUW members and clubs do to make a difference going forward

Based on a University of Alberta course, this webinar that will give members historical information through variety of perspectives and resources.

  • 1600-1960  -Building Relationships from Positive to Toxic
  • 1970 –  2020 and beyond

Discussion question for both sessions:

How do we build positive relationships as we move into the future?    Do we have the mindset and tools to do this?

Based on a University of Alberta course, this webinar that will give  members historical information through variety of perspectives and resources.

  • 1600-1960 -Building Relationships from Positive to Toxic
  • 1970 –  2020 and beyond

How do we build positive relationships as we move into the future?

Do we have the mindset and tools to do this?



November: Gary Little via Zoom. Rescheduled from the Spring  Virtual Meeting:  November 12, 2020  7:00 pm -9:00 pm 

 To Hell and Back Speaker: Gary Little, retired Vancouver School District Administrator

Gary Little, a retired Vancouver School District administrator, will discuss the story of Joe Calendino who transitioned from Hell’s Angel to a community leader. Gary will speak about the impact Joe has had on youth in the greater Vancouver area and beyond and talk about the shifting landscape involving gang recruitment, drug use and preventative initiatives that are underway to deal with this growing problem in our society.  Gary will refer the book he has written and tell us a little about his future work with youth in Metro. 

To Hell and Back : A Former Hells Angel’s Story of Recovery and Redemption by Joe Calendino and Gary Little Overview – A gripping portrait of a notorious Vancouver gangster and Hells Angels elite who descended into a life of homelessness and addiction, ultimately redeeming himself through award-winning youth advocacy.


December: Christmas Social Event 



Archived Programs January -June 2020


CFUW North Vancouver 


January 9, 2020


Speaker: Andrew Fowler, Expedia Cruise Centres


Travel  Questions Answered!


Andrew Fowler, a partner with Expedia Cruise Centres addressed many of your travel questions.  Topic will include the benefits of using a travel agent,  the importance of Travel Insurance,  independent and escorted tours, land and cruise travel, group and solo travel.




February  13, 2020


Speaker: Isabel Mackenzie, BC Seniors Advocate


Isabel and her team at the office of the Seniors’ Advocate monitor and analyze seniors services and issues in BC and make recommendations  to government and service providers to address current systemic issues.


Isabel ‘s presentation gave a new and uplifting perspective on opportunities and life-style for seniors in  2020.  In addition there was time to explore some of current issues in BC and Canada that need attention. 




March  12, 2020


Resolutions ( held virtually for member input) 


Facilitators: This session was  led by members who are familiar with both Provincial and National CFUW Organizations. Cancelled Due to COVID-19


Members  considered both Provincial and National Resolutions and/or proposed amendments to the CFUW Articles and ByLaws.  They will be submitted set up for a provincial and national vote at Virtual   Provincial AGM ( May 2020 )  and the National AGM  (June ,)


April 9, 2020



Community Partnerships with Capilano University


Cities and universities are some of the biggest institutions but historically haven’t always worked together. Capilano University and the city of North Vancouver are looking to transform the way universities and community members collaborate to create solutions for our city. North Vancouver has recently joined a global movement of cities working with post-secondary institutions through an innovation hub called “CityStudio”. CityStudio is a joint collaboration between city staff and Capilano University faculty and students, in an effort to explore innovative solutions for issues within North Vancouver.

Learn more about civic engagement from the experts at CityStudio and hear about the projects and innovative solutions making North Vancouver more liveable, sustainable and joyful! 


Adele Therias, Project Lead, Academic Initiatives and Planning, Capilano University

Adele completed her Bachelor of Arts in Geography at the University of British Columbia in the Environment and Sustainability Stream and minored in Urban Studies. As a student, Adele actively gravitated towards experiential and project-based courses, including participating in the CityStudio Semester in Dialogue at SFU as a visiting student. In collaboration with partners at the City of Vancouver, Adele and her classmates developed experimental projects designed to improve livability within the city. Adele is also the co-founder of Neighbour Lab, a Vancouver-based design cooperative that builds neighbourhood resilience through co-creation and dialogue. The cooperative fosters connections between neighbours by designing Neighbour Hubs (shared community structures) and facilitating workshops (such as guided walks and asset mapping).

Laurie Prange-Martin, Instructor, Capilano University 

CPHR, BA, MLIS, M Ed, PD candidate

Laurie is a former academic librarian turned professor who specializes in the management of community services. Her approach to designing assessment tools like assignments and tests is informed by her background in teaching English courses and library workshops. As a researcher, Prange focuses on human resource management, libraries and regional economic development. As a teaching-stream faculty member with significant educational training, her research informs her teaching practice. In her dissertation, she is studying how and why new industries emerge in remote regions.

Capilano University Student 
(Name and bio to be confirmed)

Alumni – Moderator




Rescheduled  Virtual Meeting:  November  19, 2020


To Hell and Back


Speaker: Gary Little, retired Vancouver School District Administrator


Gary Little, a retired Vancouver School District administrator, will discuss the story of Joe Calendino who transitioned from Hell’s Angel to a community leader. Gary will speak about the impact Joe has had on youth in the greater Vancouver area and beyond and talk about the shifting landscape involved gang recruitment, drug use and preventative initiatives that are underway to deal with this growing problem in our society.



June 11, 2020


Cancelled due to Covid-19Annual Dinner at Seymour Golf and Country  Club 










Archived Meetings September -December 2019


September 2019 Fall and Winter Gardening


Jennifer Swan  a local gardening expert demonstrated how to create a fall planter and answered a wide range of questions for successful winter gardening for our Zone. The planters she demonstrated had an added bonus in that they produce  a beautiful array of colourful bulbs in early spring.  Garden works donated a fall basket and $107.00 was raised for the Education Trust Fund.


October 10, 2019


All Candidates Meeting : Federal Election October 21, 2019


Under the able leadership of Cathy Harvey, members of both North and West Vancouver CFUW and their guest spent an informative  evening with Justine Bell, NDP; George Orr. Green Party Candidate; Andrew Saxton, Conservative Party of Canada and Jonathon Wilkinson, Liberal Party of Canada.   SFU Professor Emeritus Marjorie Griffin Cohen  moderated the evening.  The themes developed along with  written questions from the audience addressed issue  including national child care, Pharmacare, poverty and housing affordability, pension security and climate change.


November 14, 2019


Women and Music:  A Musical and Historical Perspective


His presentation focused on three very different types of women composers/singers starting in the Middle Ages.  Mr. Van Wyck is a passionate believer in music’s ability to inspire and created community.


Among his many titles, Gerry is the found of Pacific Spirit Choir in 1995, and is the popular Choir Director at West Vancouver United Church.  He was awarded 2003 FANS Legacy Award by the North Shore Arts Community


In addition to being both entertaining and informative, Gerry’s presentation filled the participants with an appreciation and joy of music.


December 12, 2019


Christmas Social was enjoyed with members and guests





Please note due to COVID-19  all meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice.  In addition to virtual meeting, where possible there will be outdoor venues where all COVID protocols are in place. 

For further information and contacts  for Interest group, committee meetings and club meetings please contact


Prospective members and guests welcome.

Contact to attend  or be part of of our programs.

Most programs and meeting will be  conducted on a Virtual Platform

Should face to face meeting become possible, the venue(s) will be announced.

Program Schedule for 2020/2021 


 As we navigate our way through a pandemic, we are all aware that our lives have been modified. As a consequence, your new Program Committee recognizes that we need to make changes to our programming structure in order to accommodate these unusual times. Please watch for our month programs.

For more information contact:  email

The membership fee is $140 per year for a full membership. Dual and Student Memberships also available.
We welcome new members.  


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Please print, complete and mail form and cheque

to CFUW NV Box 37062, Lonsdale PO, 2032 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2K0


EXECUTIVE OFFICERS: North Vancouver CFUW 2020-2021

Collaborative Leadership Team will guide this club in 2021

 Wendy Affleck, Catherine Kierans, Linda Lehr and Leanne Roy  SECRETARY- Linda Lehr
TREASURERS- Leanne Roy, Gwenda Louis
MEMBERSHIP -Catherine Kierans
PAST PRESIDENT- Barbara MacLennan


Through our Educational Trust Fund we fund bursaries to women graduates of the seven  North Vancouver School District 44 secondary schools,  as well as to undergraduate women students at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Capilano University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology, having established permanent foundations in the name of CFUW North Vancouver at the latter three. A student should apply for an award through her academic institution’s Student Services Offices or School Offices.

 BC Gaming Commission provides funds for Secondary Scholarships.a meeting.  All the grant money will be used to fund post-secondary scholarships for a female graduate at each of the North Vancouver secondary schools this year, chosen by the school counselors based on club-specific criteria. Since 2003 when the current BC Gaming rules were enacted, CFUW North Vancouver has received a grant almost annually. The grants have enabled the club to increase dramatically the size of its scholarships to between totals of $7,000 in the early years to $15,000 most recently. The club’s cumulative awards to North Vancouver secondary schools since the club’s inception in 1980 exceed $130,000. The gaming grants are based partly on the annual amounts raised by the club independently which fund additional annual scholarships of about $1,000 each at BCIT, CAP U, SFU and UBC.



Members are involved in a variety of  local, provincial and national projects that include among others:

  • Early Learning and Child Care
  • National Initiative on Violence Against Women
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Child and Family Poverty in British Columbia




North Vancouver CFUW Thanks Wendy Affleck for her outstanding service as President. ( July 2021)

Leadership Team for 2021-2022

Leanne Roy, Linda Lehr, Catherine Kierans and Wendy Affleck

Program on Zoom