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Another Trail Blazing Woman in British Columbia

She has fostered the values of equality and acceptance; is recognized as a civic leader and pioneer in the development of British Columbia’s music industry.  She is celebrated for her extensive career as a jazz singer; one of the first black artists in North America to host a national, weekly television series.

Eleanor Collins, C.M. on the occasion of the Canada Post commemorative stamp launch in her honour on January 21, 2022

eleanor collins standing left hand on poster of commemorative stamp
eleanor collins sitting with commemorative stamp poster on easel on the right
eleanor collins on right canada post female rep on left- standing holding commemorative stamp poster
Eleanor Collins Commemorative Stamp issued Jan 21-2022

Bottom left Eleanor is with Vancouver Canada Post Representative, Dana Dumore who presented her with the poster, flowers and framed box of mementos as a gift from Canada Post. Michael Marmur Photographer, Canada Post.

Special guests at the ceremony who were influenced by and worked with Eleanor, included Nalda Callender of the National Congress of Black Women Foundation, filmmaker Sylvia Hamilton, and musicians Sharman King, Marcus Mosely, and Wendy Solloway; historians, and writers Christine Hagemoen, Alan Matheson,  Paolo Pietropaolo, and Colin Preston. Canada/Canada Post representatives, Suromitra Sanatani, Chair of the Board of Directors, Canada Post and the Honourable Filomena Tassi, Member of Parliament Minister of Public Services and Procurement responsible for Canada Post. Their tributes and accolades …
• a ground-breaking Canadian, world-class jazz singer, major figure in Canadian history
• helped to shape Canada, fundamental contributor to our society and culture
• such a positive impact on the community, cultivating equality and acceptance through her volunteer work
• packed audiences loving every note, so versatile and embodied so many styles and genres of music, 100% Eleanor Collins
• always portrayed a sense of belief in the good of people; not just performing but really communicating with the audience
• absolutely stunning, broke so many boundaries and barriers
• You never cease to amaze us with your quality and success, you are such an inspiration
• It is a great honour in our lifetime to know you

“I feel wonderful and honoured … …The honour is there… but to really have someone affirm your work and life on a postage stamp…Whoo! It’s surreal! But I am grateful to each and every one of you who has been a part of this very long journey of mine.” Eleanor Collins, CM