Shared Interest Groups


CFUW North Vancouver and CFUW West Vancouver are independent of each other but work together in the following interest groups.

Issues & Advocacy Group [formerly Community Studies]
Issues and Advocacy is designed to keep abreast of issues at the local,provincial  (BC Council) National (CFUW) and International levels  (Graduate Women International) and to inform both clubs of advocacy deemed necessary within the goals  and policies of CFUW. The group also takes the lead in organization of public forums to encourage  discussion and action on the part of attendees.  The Group meets the 2nd Friday of each Month September to June.

Financial Literacy Group
“The Financial Literacy Interest Group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 2 – 3:30 pm, September to April with a wrap-up lunch in May. Meetings will be held: October 11, November 15 (note variation), January 10, February 21 (note variation), March 14, and April 11. Wrap-up lunch will be May 9. The group discusses a broad range of issues including portfolio management, estate planning, and the financial implications of global issues. 2016-17 had an international finance focus as so many of the world events affect financial matters in our daily lives. Members work co-operatively to identify topics and expert speakers.”

International Studies Group
CFUW, as a whole, has UN and GWI links. Members explore international issues affecting women.  Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM.

Poetry and Collage
A new group which will meet six times during the year for members to experiment with, learn and share their artistic and literary interests. Time to be determined.

Technology/Web Group
Members meet to exchange information about technology. Discussion topics include computers, the Internet, various new digital hardware, and our website. Meetings are at 7:15 PM Tuesday evenings four or five times throughout the year.