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CFUW North Van Programmes for 2011-2012

September 82011 – Our speaker, Marilyn Gullison, described the founding in 2003 and the work of HUGGS (Helping Underprivileged Girls and Guys Study) Canada which is providing funding to educate 26 young people from the slums of Vizianagaram, India.

October 13, 2011 – Marylou Coyle – From Geology to Pilates.  Marylou, is a geologist turned Pilates instructor with numerous degrees who worked at the top of her field in mining exploration for many years.  She currently owns The Refinery, a Pilates studio on the North Shore.  Marylou spoke about spirit, mind and body in our lives.
Before the speaker an Interest Groups Fair gave members a chance to find out more about each of our interest groups.

November 10 – Trevor Lautens, newspaper reporter and commentator, spoke on local civic issues as November was a municipal election month.

January 12 – Paige Freeborn spoke on Evolving the Art Form: Lions Gate Sinfonia in its CommunityLions Gate Sinfonia is a chamber orchestra on the North Shore. Read more about Paige Freeborn …

February 9 – Sister Marie Zarowny shared her background, the history of residential schools and  The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools.

April 12 – Gail Hunt — Building a Green House.  Like many women, Gail’s life has been filled with multiple roles: high school Home Economics and Photography teacher, mother, crafter, author and publisher, quilt artist and international instructor, executive director for an arts council, volunteer, and, for the last two years, general contractor for the green home she and her husband are building on the Sunshine Coast.  For her talk, Gail shares the high (and some low) points, through photographs and stories, of her latest job as a builder. Click here for Gail’s green house blog!  Read more on poster …. 

May 10 – Dr. Barbara McGillivray – What About that Family History of Yours?
Dr. McGillivray spoke on relationships between genetics and family history.  She is a professor in the Department of Medical Genetics at the UBC, as well as a clinical geneticist in the Department of Medical Genetics, Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC.  Read more on poster …

June 14 – Susan Murphy, National CFUW President, spoke on key issues for CFUW in general and for local clubs.