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NV bannerCFUW North Vancouver meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Refreshments are served at 7 PM and the meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

The Meetings are held at the Royal Canadian Legion,

123 West 15th, North Vancouver.

Prospective members and guests welcome at meetings (occasional exceptions will be noted in programme notes).

2018-2019 Current Programmes

April 11: To be announced

May 9: To be announced

June 13: Year end banquet, speaker to be announced


Past Programmes


Mar. 14: National CFUW Resolutions

Feb. 14: Jan Redford, author (Cancelled – weather)
Jan Redford is author of the book “End of the Rope – Mountains, Marriage and Motherhood”.
She will be speaking about her life as one of the first female mountain climbers and guides, her struggles to complete her university education and about her grandmother – one of the first women to enter medical school at McGill University.Jan.9. 2019:   Lolehawk Laura Buker – Dr. Lolehawk Laura Buker, a Lake Babine Nation and Stó: lō Nation Elder, retired indigenous professor (Lakehead University), fisherwoman, and storyteller walked us through the indigenous world view that she walks every day. Sharing stories of the land Dr. Buker opened a sharing circle of respectful and safe conversation with us all, with time for reflection in our era of truth and reconciliation.

Dec.13: Christmas party

Nov. 8: Uncomfortable perspectives on the News – Speaker: George Orr
George Orr enjoyed a career in the daily news business in Vancouver when it was at its peak. Starting in radio news, then migrating into TV news as a reporter and editor, and finally teaching the craft at BCIT while producing award-winning documentaries, he made it his mission to examine and experience the news business from as many perspectives as possible.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the disconnect between what journalists do, and what people expect of them. Questions like “Why is the news always so negative?” illustrate this gap, and so this presentation will attempt to build a bridge here. As well, as the business changes with the times, there is a consumer malaise that needs to be addressed and set aside. We are now well beyond ‘the good old days’, and in looking back, we can examine whether they were in fact that good, and whether we might indeed be well-served by the craft today.”

Oct. 11: Youth Homelessness in Our Community- Speaker: Paul Butler, director of Youth Services at Hollyburn

September 13: Shake, Rattle & Roll – Earthquakes and Earthquake Hazard in South West BC – Speaker: Taimi Mulder BSc., MSc.

Earthquakes in the southwestern corner of BC are a result of the interaction of two tectonic plates in our neighbourhood –the North America plate and the offshore Juan de Fuca plate. The Juan de Fuca plate is sliding or “subducting” underneath the west coast of BC, Washington, Oregon, and northernmost California. Earthquakes occur within the North America plate or the Juan de Fuca plate, as well as on the offshore contact between these two converging plates.

Our speaker is a part of the team that gathers earthquake data for Western Canada. Taimi, and her team, then uses that data to unravel the crustal structure of the region. Taimi’s expertise involves studying earthquakes of South Western BC.

2017-2018 – Getting to Know Our Community

June 14 – Annual Dinner & Entertainment

May 10 – Dying with Dignity: Dr. Sue Hughson, Board Member, Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC)

Dr. Hughson presented a quick overview of the issue in Canada culminating with the introduction of MAID (medical assistance in dying) (Bill C14).  She discussed the issues which are arising under MAID, including the “foreseeable death” clause.  She looked at the issue of institutions which receive public funding: do they have a moral right to opt out, or do only individuals have such a right.  At this time some hospitals are banning MAID which means that their patients are denied their individual choice.

Dr. Sue Hughson holds a B.Sc from University of Guelph, and a D.V.M. from the Atlantic Veterinary College at UPEI. She has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1990, starting in St John’s, Newfoundland, then relocating to Vancouver.

Dr. Hughson’s viewpoint follows:”My personal interest in medically assisted dying stems from a life spent observing the natural world, and being moved by the relations we make with one another and all life around us. On a more pragmatic level, this has often meant actively assisting animals in their death through the act of euthanasia. To deliver a good death requires skill, mindfulness and compassion. To deny a good death to an individual human who is suffering from grievous illness, with no chance of recovery, and who chooses an assisted end of life, is untenable to me.

The British Columbia Humanist Association maintains in their position statement that we support the right of the individual to have choice in medically assisted dying. We support and encourage changes to Canadian legislation to allow this choice, and we support the work of Dying With Dignity Canada.”

Meeting Poster  Poster May 2018

April 20 – 22: SPECIAL EVENT – Making Connections, Closing the Gaps. BC COUNCIL AGM hosted by CFUW North Vancouver

April 12 – Mom to Mom

Mom2 Mom is a community program in Vancouver. One or two ‘Moms’ mentor another ‘Mom’ as they get together regularly in social situations. Because these women are mothers, this common experience enables them to relate to each other. In time the ‘Moms’ develop a friendship that can involve the families of each mom. The hope of the program is that many of its goals will be met for the mentee and her family. Please note the website for Mom2Mom http://www.m2mcharity.ca/

The work of Mom2Mom is based on research in child development and neuroscience that has shown that enriching children’s environments, lowering levels of family stress and connecting mothers to their child’s school and to community social supports leads to positive changes in children’s learning and development. When these things are in place, children are happier, better adjusted and more likely to succeed in school. Mothers are better able to nurture and attach to children when they aren’t struggling every day to meet basic needs.

March 10 – National CFUW Resolutions.

February 8 – The What and Why and Of Post Secondary Educatiion – Panel of Post-Secondary Students and Faculty from Capilano University explored:

  • What does post-secondary education look like in 2018?
  • Who are the students and what are the most popular areas of study?
  • Why is it important to pursue post-secondary education?
  • How do students choose their post-secondary education paths?
  • In what ways can we advocate for and support post-secondary programs in North Vancouver?

Moderated by Brittany Barnes, Alumni Relations Officer at Capilano University who is an alumna of both the Communications and Global Stewardship program.

Panel members: CFUW NV Award Winners Sherim Pedram: Graduate Handsworth Secondary, attending SFU, Jessica Gale: Graduate Carson Graham Secondary, Attending Capilano U,  and Tracy Hislop, Cap U. It will also include  Katie Japaridze, Women Students Liaison, Capilano Students’ Union. Angela Jiang, Co-President of Young Women in Business Cap U, and  Michelle Zhen, Co-President of Young Women in Business Ca

January 11 – Update on Canadian Sex Trade Legislation, panel presentation with Lynn Kent, Director, BC Research Institute for Children and Women’s Healthand Cathy Peters, Community Advocate against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. UWC Hydroft/Vancouver club member, Marlene Adam read Lynn’s presentation.  Marlene summarized the involvement of the Vancouver club, on educating  members about the issue of sex trafficking and violence against women. Cathy Peters, a former inner city school teacher and volunteer for two former Members of Parliament continues to teach about the growing pandemic amongst our vulnerable population: youth,children, indigenous, Asian, migrant, disabled, mentally challenged, and foster kids.  Her mission statement – A Modern Equal Society Does Not Buy and Sell Women and Children. See CFUW National July 30, 2017 Press Release http://www.cfuw.org/Portals/0/cfuwpublicfiles/webfiles/news/Press%20Release_World%20Day%20to%20End%20Trafficking%20in%20Persons.pdf

December 14 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 9 – Advancing Child and Youth Rights: Audrey Hobbs Johnson hosted the panel of Rachel Malek, Mandy Thayil and a volunteer representative from Foundry. Rachel Malek, BC Representative for Children and Youth’s 2010 Award of Excellence in Youth Leadership winner; Vancouver 24 Hours News’ Top 24 Under 24 Award winner in 2012; and the Vancouver Foundation’s BC Child and Youth in Care Achievement Award winner in the Superstar category in 2016, embraced service to others since she was a homeless teenager at age 14. Increasingly her focus has shifted to policy advocacy for marginalized youth and women. Her work in this area culminated last year in a professional appointment with the BC Council of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), as Project Coordinator of a province-wide Study Circle initiative which looked for ways to improve community support for young people “aging out” of foster care.  Mandy Thayil, a trained social worker and Program Manager for the Society of Children and Youth of BC, has many years experience in program development and community engagement towards supporting the well-being of children and youth in both schools and community programs. Both women have a commitment to mobilizing communities to play their part in empowering children and youth and promoting participatory advocacy.  FOUNDRY represents community agencies, government, donors, youth, young adults and families coming together to improve the wellness of BC’s young people, believing that you people should have a voice in their care and finding the right should support should not be difficult. Guests are MOST welcome: please come and get involved.

October 12 – Hope: A Concept and a Practice – Sally Halliday, MA, RCC, CCC, spoke of hope – a positive agency in our lives – as “a concept and a practice.”  Over the past 30 years, research has demonstrated the benefits of hope when it comes to making positive changes and supporting a fulfilling life. We were introduced to some of the research that defines and supports hope practices and had an opportunity to try out some hope tools.  Sally Halliday, a Vancouver-based Registered Clinical Counsellor, creates interactive and informative learning experiences. Formerly with UBC Continuing Studies, she helped create the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching.

October 2017 speaker, clinical and
workplace counselor Sally Halliday, MA, RCC, CCC, flanked by President, Barb MacLellan and a Program Committee member.

September 14 –  The Crisis in the Middle East and War for Religion – Dr. Andre Gerolymatos, SFU Professor of History and a Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre of Hellenic Studies. Dr. Gerolymatos holds the Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC Chair of Hellenic Studies and is a Co-Director of the Terrorism, Risk & Security Studies Program at SFU, has received numerous honours and awards acknowledging his important contribution to Canadian national security, and has served with federal Ministries, Boards and Councils from 1993 to 2013.

September 2017 speaker Andre Gerolymatos, Professor of History and Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University and club committee members


2016-2017 Getting to Know Our Community

June 8 –  Annual DinnerOn Being a Restaurant Critic, Chris Dagenais, North Shore News.

May 11 – Annual General Meeting and RCMP in the Community – Corporal Marlies Dick spoke on a day in the life of a police officer and the community outreach programs/initiatives offered. Corporal Peri Mainwaring spoke on identity fraud and prevention, covering the top ten scams and how to protect yourself.

April  13 – Stand Tall Education Network Training Centre, Uganda, Nicola Shouela Nicola Shouela spoke on her experiences with the secondary school and the Stand Tall Primary School in Kampala, Uganda.

March 9  –  National CFUW Resolutions.

February 9 – Update on Stem Cell Research –  Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Terry Thomas, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Research and Development STEMCELL Technologies, Inc., described the different types of stem cells, what we know of their biology and to what extent we can direct them to generate the various cells and tissues found in the body.

January 12 – PADS: Pacific Assistance Dog Society – Two representative of PADS spoke  to us about the work the assistance dogs do for people in our community.

December 8 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 17 –  The Public Library in the 21st Century – Jacqueline van Dyk, Director, Library Services, District of North Vancouver Libraries.

October 13  – Aging Well: Is Mobility the Key? – Dr. Heather McKay,  Professor, Department of Orthopedic and Family Practice, UBC , and Director of the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility.

September 8 – Aging out of Foster Care – Audrey Hobbs-Johnson along with a panel from Vancouver University Women’s Club (Hycroft) including Patricia Grohne and her team of young adults – Rachel Malek, Johnny Tuktu and Lorilynn Grey who spoke to us with the knowledge and passion that can come from someone who knows the system from the inside as well as out.


2015-2016 Education and Advocacy

June 9 – Annual Dinner:- The Honourable Mr Justice Randall Wong, Reflections from Fifty Years in the Courtroom.

May 12 – Amnesty International – Jennifer Wade,a co-founder of Amnesty International (AI), spoke on her activities in the area of social justice.

April 14 – Nature, Time and Patience to be the three great physiciansHalanna Matthew, Ph.D., author of the Fast Way To Heal For Life and a Naturopath  discussed how the body heals itself and how to become aware that the choices we make affect our health, our environment and our relationships.

March 10 – National CFUW Resolutions.

February 11Laying the Foundation for a Culture of Nature.  Dr. Rob Butler, Dr. Rob Butler talked about his upcoming movie which will give us an opportunity to see the world and nature in a new way. It “is a journey of exploration to find others who feel the magnetism of the Salish Sea and who might lay the foundation for a culture of nature.”

January 14 – A Musical Interlude: Light classics presented by professional opera singer Catherine Affleck McPhail along with her musings on the state of opera today and its hopes for the future.

December 10Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 12 CELEBRATING Fifty Years of BCIT: What this iconic technical school has become in half a century!  – Marie-Claire Concannon, Associate Director Giving and Stewardship  enlightened us on how BCIT has morphed from a trade school into its current form educating students across a diverse range of careers.

October 21 Prevention of Violence, Canada (POVC): How Individuals Can Help to Prevent Violence.  Shannon Turner, co-founder of POVC, in brief, encouraged each of us to get involved. No matter who you are or where you live YOU can make a difference. Got to: http://povc.zimsoft.ca/ for information about POVC.

September 10 Progress of women’s groups around the world in the last twenty years. Linda Russell, B.C. Council president, long time member and a past president of the  North Vancouver club, shared the highlights of her experiences at the United Nations Caucus on the Status of Women, held in New York last March.  We heard about achievements that occurred despite heavy odds and the role Canada played during those years.


2014-2015 Education and Advocacy

June 10Annual Dinner. Entertainment by the men’s barbershop quartet, The Motones, a subgroup of the award winning a capella Gentlemen of Fortune Barbershop Harmony Chorus.

May 14Annual General Meeting – “What does post secondary education look like in 2015?” Our panel consisted of: Olga Woodland, Secondary Principal in North Vancouver recently retired working now with students taking the International Benchmark Test PISA; Nancy So, Secondary Counsellor, Windsor Secondary School and scholarship committee head; and, Amanda Woodland, North Vancouver secondary student now attending university.

April 9 Chair-side Travel of north west Nepal with Greg Strong to the world’s last enclave pure of Tibetan Buddhism.

March 12National CFUW Resolutions.

February 12 Investing for the Older Woman –  Finances Matter: retirement, estate and tax planning. Kathryn Sager, First Vice President, Investment Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy and Catherine Williamson, Investment Advisor, CIBC World Markets shared their wisdom on investing for the older woman along with many helpful hints and checklists for estate and will planning.

January 8 Hidden Treasures: The North Vancouver Museum and Archives (our collective community memory). Shirley Sutherland looked at some of the collection treasures, their intrinsic values and what they represent. Nick Locke gave us a sneak preview of its new waterfront home at the foot of Lonsdale promised for 2017 to coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday.  Check out my-museum.ca/ and Walter Draycott’s greatwarchronicle.ca/ .

December 11 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 13  Burkas 2 Bullets in Afghanistan – Alison MacLean, an independent documentary filmmaker, returned to Afghanistan in Spring 2011 to document, on film, the local Afghan women who are being trained as police officers, even though their lives will be in grave danger.

October 9Challenges Facing Women – Frances Robinson, director at Sage House, our local transition house for women and children escaping from violence spoke about the challenges facing the women.

September 11 – Laughter Yoga – John Wallstrom, certified instructor, presented a hands on experience of laughter yoga demonstrating the benefits of laughing unconditionally.


2013-2014 Think Globally, Act Locally

June 12Annual DinnerShelley Fralic, journalist, who has been with the Vancouver Sun for 35 years. She is currently a columnist writing on social issues and modern day life and culture.

May 8Michelle Dodds, Executive Directory of the North Shore Women’s Centre.

April 10 Teachings of the Half Boy –Donna Miller spoke on aboriginal educational experiences and aboriginal culture.

March 13National CFUW Resolutions.

February 13  – Experiences in Bangladesh – Carolyn Scott, Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, spoke on her experiences over 16 years in Bangladesh.

January 9 Artists and Kids – Wing Chow spoke on current projects for Artists for Kids.

December 12 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 14 Key Changes (and challenges) in Education – Panelists were John Lewis, Superintendent of School District #44 and Principals Kelly LaRue, Lynmour Elementary School, Lisa Upton, Norgate Elementary School and Bill Reid, Queen Mary  Elementary School.   These four key educators from the North Vancouver School District gave our club a glimpse into the lives our children and youth in the schools of today, the people that teach them and the system that supports them.

October 10 Child Development and PovertyJoanne Schoeder of HELP –shared the research done at UBC on how early environments and experiences contribute to children’s ability to thrive. 

September 12 Film: Status Quo on Women’s Rights.Our September meeting focused on viewing the National Film Board’s film Status Quo. This film, which is made available to all CFUW clubs, deals with the history of the Women’s Rights Movement in Canada.


2012 – 2013 Think Globally, Act Locally

May 9 – CFUW Scholarship winners and Dr. Kris Bulcroft, Capilano University President

April 11  – Advent of a Canadian Ambassador: Canada’s Roles and Responsibilities. – Jonathan Scott, former Canadian ambassador –

Jon and Marilyn Scott

Jon Scott served in the Canadian Foreign Service for 37 years with postings to all inhabitable continents. He discussed the benefits of a career in the Canadian diplomatic service. Carolyn Scott will be present to provide her perspective.

March 11 – National CFUW Resolutions.

February 7Life of a Performance Vocalist: Trials and Tribulations –  Robyn Klassen spoke on the challenges facing young people as they become established in the artistic community.
January 10 – Minds of DevianceJudith Berg, Counsellor spoke on practical steps for achieving our goals, how to prevent procrastination taking over, and how to help family and friends who are facing difficulties and possible mental health struggles.

December 12 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 8– Outside the WireAlison MacLean, Canadian film maker,showed and discussed her video  on the impacts on women and children of the war in Afghanistan.

October 11 – Child and Family Poverty in BC – Panelists were:

September 13– Guest Panelists discussed CFUW at the Local, National and International Level.


2011 – 2012

June 14 – Susan Murphy, National CFUW President, spoke on key issues for CFUW in general and for local clubs.

May 10 – What About that Family History of Yours?Dr. Barbara McGillivray spoke on relationships between genetics and family history.  She is a professor in the Department of Medical Genetics at the UBC, as well as a clinical geneticist in the Department of Medical Genetics, Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC.  Read more on poster …

April 12 – Building a Green House -.Gail Hunt shared the high (and some low) points, through photographs and stories, of her latest job as a builder. Click here for Gail’s green house blog!  Read more on poster …. 

March 9 – National CFUW Resolutions.

February 9 – The Legacy of Indian Residential Schools – Sister Marie Zarowny shared her background, the history of residential schools.

January 12 – Evolving the Art Form: Lions Gate Sinfonia in its CommunityPaige Freeborn spoke on Lions Gate Sinfonia,  a chamber orchestra on the North Shore. Read more about Paige Freeborn …

December 12 – Christmas Party and Silent Auction.

November 10 – Local Civic Issues – Trevor Lautens, newspaper reporter and commentator, spoke on local civic issues as November was a municipal election month.

October 13 – From Geology to Pilates – Marylou Coyle, a geologist turned Pilates instructor spoke about spirit, mind and body in our lives.

September 8 – HUGGS- Helping Underprivileged Girls and Guys StudyMarilyn Gullison described the founding in 2003 and the work of HUGGS which providiesfunding to educate 26 young people from the slums of Vizianagaram, India.