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WV Event – Mar 11 – Shelagh Stevens


West Vancouver, BC – Shelaagh Stevens, a retired Canadian Forces logistics officer, former peacekeeper and civilian Logistics Officer with the UN, will speak on ‘Women and Peacekeeping’ in West Vancouver on Monday, March 11. This program, presented by the West Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), will be held at St. Stephens Anglican Church, 885 22nd Street, West Vancouver, at 7pm on March 11 (doors open at 6:30). The admission fee will be $10.

Although peacekeeping is an important mission of the UN, it was not until 2000 that the UN Security Council began to acknowledge that women could play a vital role in preventing conflict, resolving conflict, and building peace. In her talk, Lt.-Col. Stevens will draw on her experiences in Cote d’Ivoire, Namibia, Croatia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, and the UN Headquarters in New York City.

CFUW is hosting this program to celebrate International Women’s Day. Groups throughout the world hold programs in March to recognize the progress that women have made and promote plans to accomplish more.

In addition, this year CFUW is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its parent organization. In 1919, three women – two British and one American – established the International Federation of University Women, whose goals were to promote women’s education and ‘to prevent any future wars’. Today that organization, now called Graduate Women International (GWI), has 56 member countries. GWI will celebrate its 100th anniversary later this year in Geneva, with the theme ‘Peace through Education’.

Poster and Background

NV – Lolehawk Laura Buker – Jan 10 Speaker

Lolehawk Laura Buker (seated) with longtime friend, Faye Hudson

Dr. Lolehawk Laura Buker,  a Lake Babine Nation and Stó: lō Nation Elder, retired indigenous professor (Lakehead University), fisherwoman, and storyteller walked us through the indigenous world view that she walks every day. Sharing stories of the land Dr. Buker opened a sharing circle of respectful and safe conversation with us all, with time for reflection in our era of truth and reconciliation.

From Neighbours of Dundarave

The magazine, Neighbours of Dundarave, recently published the attached article by our Sheonaid Kuchara. Article

WV Vital Signs 2017 – on Nov 19 2018

West Vancouver Community Foundation
Vital Signs 2017 – West Vancouver
Monday, November 19, 2018
6:45 pm – 9:00 pm

Our population is aging, our younger residents are on the decline, and the proportion of low income residents is growing just as the average price of a detached home last year hit $3.1 million. Those are just a few of the fascinating facts revealed in 2017 Vital Signs, an investigative study by the West Vancouver Community Foundation. CEO Adine Mees will share insights in November on belonging, diversity, inclusion and housing in our beautiful West Vancouver.

NV – Paul Butler, Oct 11 Speaker

Paul Butler, Director Youth Services at Hollyburn Family
Services, who spoke about the North Shore’s youth shelter. Paul is
flanked by Program Chair Wendy Mickelson and October program liaison and
club President, Barb MacLellan.

NV – Taimi Mulder, Sep 13 Speaker

Taimi Mulder spoke about the local earthquake zone, title
Shake, “Rattle, and Roll”. Pictured with Taimi are Program Committee
member Marie Brazier, September program liaison, and Taimi’s mother,
long-time North Van member, former secretary and recently retired
newsletter editor, Shirley Mulder.

Fundraising for Scholarships – 2018

The NV Group provided members of the local community an opportunity to shred their past. These are some photos of that successful event:

WV — Indigenous Water Initiatives, Oct 15

Monday, October 15 at 6:45 pm
at Westerleigh Parc
725 – 22nd Street

Indigenous Water Initiatives
Candace Cook

Access to clean drinking water is a pressing challenge faced by many small and rural communities across Canada. Small drinking water treatment systems serve millions of people in North America and require a unique solution, not simply a scaled down version designed for urban centers. RES’EAU – WaterNET’s Community Circle Model for Strategic Innovation aims to address the issues inherent to this issue, with a specific emphasis on community involvement and mutual understanding. By uniting the collaborative efforts of end-users, community leadership, government, industry, and university researchers, this approach is working to develop socially and technologically sustainable drinking water outcomes across BC.

Candace Cook is a Research Engineer working on Indigenous and rural drinking water initiatives in her role with RES’EAU – WaterNET. Currently based out of the Vancouver, she is a graduate of Civil Engineering from the University of Ottawa, with a background working on First Nations projects in both the private and public sectors.

CFUW National – Communicator, July 2018

Most Recent Edition of the CFUW Communicator

July 2018: Vol. 25., No. 2

Twice a year CFUW produces The Communicator, offering a range of in depth articles on issues important to Clubs. In this edition we feature articles on the involvement of clubs in their community. Please share widely with your Club membership.

Download The Communicator Here.

If you are having trouble downloading this edition or if you would like a paper copy mailed to you please contact Jenna Smith, Member Services Coordinator, at

CFUW National

Shirley Valentine Fundraiser

Photos from our May 20 theatre evening at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre.

An excellent production of Shirley Valentine was enjoyed by all who attended.

.Photos NSN Jun 20 2018