NV – May 9 – On-going Support to the Women of Bountiful

Speakers:  Cathy Leugner and Alison Hutchison

Cathy Leugner and Alison Hutchison from the CFUW Nelson club will present the work they have been doing meeting with and supporting, several ex-FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) women.  These women have organized a group called “SafetyNet in the Kootenays” (SNK).

The intent of the group is to help others who have left Bountiful and are navigating the world beyond the FLDS closed community. Nelson Club members have been working with these former Bountiful residents, and helping SNK to arrange face-to-face meetings with politicians and community support agencies.

At the 2018 CFUW AGM, Cathy and Alison did an inspiring presentation. The May 9 North Vancouver  session will include stories told by ladies who have come from Bountiful as well as a short video clip featuring one SNK lady talking about her background and experiences. This presentation will focus on how CFUW Nelson can provide on-going support and represents a unique perspective on how women can receive support to become independent within the context of their communities.

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